About Morgan Training Co.

Research shows that most “unhappiness” in the technical business world comes not from poor technical skills, but from poor communication.  Effective communication plays a pivotal role in nearly every aspect of business. Skilled communication impresses colleagues and customers, promotes the effective flow of information, and creates a more harmonious and productive business environment, while poor communication skills can cause confusion, frustration, misinterpretation, inefficiency, and lost business.

In addition, studies of the “best practices” of successful businesses reveal a strong correlation between achieving superior business performance and being leaders in communication, sales, account management and customer service. Successful businesses are discovering that everyone has to “sell”, whether it’s selling an idea or capability internally, to colleagues or management, or selling a product or service externally, to customers.

For technical enterprises this can create a significant challenge. They often find that their technical professionals have outstanding technical expertise, but are unfortunately lacking in the necessary “soft skills” — communication, sales, negotiation, customer interaction, etc. — to be effective in developiong new business and delivering projects on time and within budget. Fortunately, this is not usually due to lack of ability in these areas, but rather a lack of training. With a minimum of training in the necessary “soft skills”, competent technical professionals can significanlty improve their effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with colleagues, managers, customers, subordinates, etc.

Morgan Training Co,.LLC helps technical organizations improve revenues, increase margins and decrease miscellaneous costs by providing training, consulting and coaching in “soft skills” that are often overlooked in “hard science” curricula. Specifically, we focus on the communication and persuasion/sales skills needed by engineers, managers, scientists, technicians, etc. to interact effectively with colleagues and customers.

“This is by far the best work-sponsored training I have ever attended. The communication aspect was outstanding!”

Ed Thompson, GM Account Manager, Bosch Rexroth

“All engineers should take this technical sales course. It’s eye opening that we, engineers, could do sales!” –Project Engineer, AVL