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Over the years, I’ve taken several training sessions both internal as well as externally moderated, focused on improving the effectiveness of our customer interaction throughout the customer journey. In March 2018, my entire technical team (pre-sales, engineering and support) as well as most of the sales team took Morgan Training’s customized 2.5 day training – “Effective Communication, Sales and Negotiation for the Technical Professional”. The instructor, Laura Hyde, took time to understand our business and key challenges upfront. She interviewed key people in the team and developed scenarios to be played in the class ahead of time. It was this preparation that set this training truly apart from the others. We walked away with a common sales vernacular and a bag of tools that helped us sharpen our consultative sales mindset.

This course is very relevant even for those providing customer support via phone or email! Laura is energetic, has a keen understanding of people and keeps everyone engaged through her interactive style and entertaining stories. Not one minute in the 2.5 days did the training feel like a drag. Laura’s ability to connect the sales process to the dynamics of human relations and different behavioral styles was amazing. I highly recommend this course to any sales engineer, application engineer, manager, account manager, project manager or leader looking to learn or refresh their daily interaction skills both internally and externally.

Vivek Jaikamal

Director of Engineering and Technical Sales, ETAS

“The Effective Communication, Sales & Negotiation for the Technical Professional” course enabled our team of Sales Engineers and Applications Engineers to find a common vocabulary and to work together to create a cohesive selling process. We saw tremendous results in new customer growth and selling efficiency. In the 18 months after the training session, our customer base expanded to…

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Paul Pickering

VP Sales and Marketing, Xpedion Design Systems - Milpitas, CA

Hi Laura!

Things are going great! It’s so good to hear from you.

I think you would be very proud to hear/see just how many of your suggestions have become a fairly natural part of our sales process. In particular, the things we have most deeply embraced would be:

Always get “contracts”
Recognizing when prospects are “hiding”

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David Barnes

General Manager, Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp

“I have experienced the sales training programs from both Miller Heiman and the Morgan Training Company. While both programs were very interesting and beneficial, the Morgan Training Company’s program is much more lively, offering a hands-on experience by means of exercises that will most effectively prepare the trainee for real live situations. In addition, the Morgan Training Company’s approach to the operational selling aspect includes tools from the psychological arena, which have proven to be really helpful in my everyday work as a sales professional.

I recently encountered a situation where the order for a project had been stuck within the customer’s organization for a long period of time due to issues over the terms & conditions. After several unsuccessful attempts to get the order by offering slightly different terms, I remembered a tool from The Morgan Training Company’s sales program which was designed to deal with this exact situation. I utilized it with the customer and I actually got the order and the customer accepted the terms and conditions we had been asking for.

I highly recommend this training for people who want to be prepared for the challenges we all face when we try to sell our ideas and projects internally as well as to our external customers.”

Gerhard Meister

Director of Business Development, AVL North America

“When we brought in Laura Hyde from Morgan Training Company, we were facing a situation in which we believed our field sales engineers were struggling to meet our revenue objectives. They seemed to lack the skills necessary to capitalize on some of the business opportunities we encountered. We wanted to support the field sales group with a mechanism to promote more efficient sales. Sales were doing well; yet we knew we were leaving business on the table!

Right after Laura began training our people, we started having $1 million booking months. Now (about 1 year later) we’re beginning to post $2 million booking months! I attribute a lot of this success to Morgan Training’s approach and Laura’s thorough teaching style that really encourages people to excel.

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Ceebee Thompson

Business Unit Manager, Multi-Contact USA (currently Staubli Electrical Connectors), Santa Rosa, CA

I recently attended the “Sales Training for the Technical Professional” 3 day course. I can honestly say in over 20 years of technical selling it was the best training I have ever received. The material was very well laid out, well presented and the role playing exercises affirmed the concepts. This is geared specifically for technical sales, and will give you a refined, simple game plan along with the skills you’ll need to increase sales. I highly recommend this course.
Mark Arsenault

Account Manager, Gas Turbine Solutions, AAF International

Dear Laura,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

“I’m the co-founder of two companies and sales is always a topic for improvement. I’ve read many books on the subject but the dots just didn’t connect to a successful approach. All of this changed when I took a class from Laura Hyde on the Science of Persuasion. Not only was she dynamic and entertaining as a teacher, her approach to sales was unlike anything I’d read. The 12 hours of class time far exceeded my expectations, and the information she provided, based on her years of experience, was immediately applicable and completely changed my/our approach to sales. Currently we are getting more business than I thought was possible, a result directly tied to the course information from Mrs. Hyde. If you are thinking about using Laura as a business or sales consultant, stop wasting time and do it. She’s literally amazing. Feel free to contact me for any additional information or recommendation.”

Brandon Larson

Design Engineer, The Boeing Company