How We Are Different

At Morgan Training, we take pride in our distinct focus, catering exclusively to the unique sales, persuasion and communication needs of technical organizations.

Over the past 20+ years, we have honed our expertise by delving into the principles of psychology, business best practices, and the technical landscape, crafting training programs that resonate deeply with employees of technical organizations.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients speak to the transformative impact of our specialized approach.

“Prior to working with Morgan Training, we excelled at giving away lots of information in the sales process and not requiring any accountability (“un-paid consulting”)! As a result, we failed to qualify opportunities well and we failed to close a number of deals. Now, after learning and applying an effective sales process and its associated skills, our close rate has more than doubled and our annual bookings have increased 60%!” – Ceebee Thompson, Business Unit Manager, Multi-Contact USA

“The Effective Communication, Sales & Negotiation for the Technical Professional” training enabled our team of Sales Engineers and Applications Engineers to find a common vocabulary and to work together to create a cohesive selling process.  We saw tremendous results in new customer growth and selling efficiency.  In the 18 months after the training session, our customer base expanded to three times its initial size!” – Paul Pickering, VP Sales and Marketing, Xpedion Design Systems, Inc.

What sets us apart?

Tailored for Technical Professionals
We recognize the distinct challenges that technical experts encounter in their roles. In fact, we have discerned essential characteristics of the technical “mindset” that prove beneficial within a technical role but might be counterproductive when operating in sales or persuasion capacities. Our training content is precisely tailored to tackle these challenges and cater to the specific needs of our technical audience.

Promote an “Everyone Sells” Attitude

We firmly believe that revenue growth and improved margins are not solely the responsibility of the sales team. Instead, we recognize that every individual in your organization who interacts with customers – from project managers to customer service representatives and technical experts – plays a vital role in driving success. Thus, providing them with effective tools is essential. Our customers have experienced the transformative power of this approach, where “magic happens” when everyone engaging with the customers is trained and aligned on the same page.

Empower Internal & External Interactions

At times, the most challenging sales and persuasion situations arise when dealing with colleagues and managers within the organization. To address this, we also provide training solutions that are specifically designed to enhance persuasion and communication skills when engaging with internal stakeholders.

A Blend of Science & Art
Our training integrates principles of psychology and human relations to provide engineers with a deeper understanding of why certain strategies work. However, our primary focus is on equipping participants with practical tools for their sales and persuasion toolboxes, enabling immediate application and tangible results.

Customized for Your Success
Our trainings go beyond the generic approach. We pride ourselves on customizing content and exercises to align with your specific needs, business environment, and real-world situations. To achieve this, we invest time in pre-training discussions, meetings and needs analysis surveys, enabling us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, as well as your sales, persuasion and communication challenges and goals. Customized exercises, scenarios, and role plays ensure that the training resonates with your team, fostering immediate practice and results.

Endorsed by Technical Professionals
We take pride in our exceptional feedback, with an average rating of 9+/ 10. Our success lies in winning over a critical and skeptical audience with customized training that truly meets their expectations.

Leverage Self-Assessments
By employing self-assessment surveys, our training allows participants to gain insights into their own behavioral styles, communication tendencies and preferences, and how to sell, persuade and communicate effectively with colleagues and customers who are different. These assessments are also key in helping technical professionals become more comfortable and effective at developing and strengthening relationships.

Experience and Reputation
We have a 20+ year track record of delivering successful training and consulting services to a wide variety of technical companies and organizations. In addition, we’ve had the privilege of participating in UCLA’s Technical Management Program (TMP), where our courses have consistently ranked in the program’s top tier for over two decades.

Tools for Successful Application

Knowledge alone is not enough; it’s the application that drives results. That’s why our training goes beyond theory. We equip your technical professionals with practical tools that can be immediately integrated into their daily interactions. From methodologies to sample verbiage, checklists and templates, we ensure your team transitions confidently from understanding to real-world application.

Proven High Effectiveness

Our effectiveness doesn’t stop at the end of our training sessions – the impact of our training endures. Years later, our attendees continue to apply the tools, techniques, and methodologies they learned from us, leading to lasting success.

When you partner with us, you are investing in the future success of your technical professionals. Our goal is to empower your team to communicate effectively, elevate their sales performance, persuade with confidence, and foster strong relationships with both colleagues and customers.

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our training solutions for your unique needs and challenges.


“I was skeptical about learning new tools which could somehow allow us to avoid areas we struggle with in our sales process. However, I was amazingly surprised with how rosy things will be now with some of this knowledge.” – Steve Jacobson, VP Sales & Marketing, BuhlerPrince, Inc.