Morgan Training Company offers both Public Sessions and On-Site Trainings.

In Our Sessions, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Promote your ideas, concepts and projects to management and customers
  • Sell complicated, technical products and processes to skeptical prospects.
  • Win resources for your technical group, project or program.
  • Get customers and colleagues to accept and buy-in to your ideas.
  • Develop appropriate messages for different audiences
  • Manage the “soft” issues (people, relationships, politics, etc.) that can trump the best technical solution.

You can find more information on our Public Sessions and On-Site Trainings here on our site.

“An absolutely superb course!  This course identifies issues, people and “selling” methods that I may have been aware of; but, it really brings the methods to the forefront.  Excellent tools for the technical manager’s toolbox–at work, at home and everywhere in life.”  – David Borth, Corporate VP, Motorola