On-Site Trainings

Morgan Training currently offers the following basic courses for customized, on-site delivery:

1. Effective Communication, Sales and Negotiation for the Technical Professional

2. The Science of Proactive Persuasion: How to Sell Your Ideas, Projects, Capabilities, and Products

3. High-Impact Communication Techniques for the Technical Professional

4. Advanced Communication, Sales & Negotiation Strategies for the Technical Professional

6. Using Behvaioral Styles to Improve Communication and Persuasion Effectiveness in a Technical Environment

7. Business Communication Best Practices Workshop

We also deliver follow-on courses, workshops and consulting on the following topics for sales teams:

  • ROI Selling
  • Trade Show Effectiveness
  • Account Management
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Effective Presentations
  • Opportunity Strategizing
  • Effective Prospecting
  • Territory Planning
  • Practice, reinforcement and application of the basic skills and methodologies

“Great course for anyone and everyone—Sales and other positions that interact with Sales internally, or with their customers. The ability for more than 1 group to speak the same language and identify with the same process is extremely powerful.”  –Mike Holter, Global Applications Engineering Manager, Specialty Coating Systems